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Quick Start Guide

Introduction to Hyperlint

Hyperlint is an AI-powered tool designed to assist technical writing teams by enhancing the quality of documentation. It actively monitors updates in your documentation repository and offers actionable feedback for improvement.

Additionally, Hyperlint keeps track of API and SDK updates, ensuring that your documentation reflects the latest changes and remains contextually accurate.

Getting Started with Hyperlint AI Reviewer

Step 1: Install Hyperlint

First, ensure Hyperlint is installed on your Github repository. For installation instructions, please refer to our installation guide.

Step 2: Ask Hyperlint for a review of a pull request

To initiate a Hyperlint review, simply open a pull request in your documentation repository and comment hyperlint review within the pull request.

Hyperlint performing a review on a pull request

For a practical demonstration, visit our demo repository to observe a Hyperlint review.

This action will prompt Hyperlint to review your documentation and provide feedback in the form of a comment. The review will appear as a Pull Request Review within the GitHub interface.

Step 3 (Optional): Set the Hyperlint Configurations

Hyperlint offers several optional configurations for customization. To explore these options, please visit the configuration page.

Let's remove the toil from technical writing.